This website is in the process of being developed, with the focus at the moment on the pages accessed by the following tabs:-
  a) Family Tree button:  Showing my heritage back to the late 1600's in the English county of Wiltshire.
Note 1: The tree has been generated using 'Gramps' family history package as stand-alone web pages; to get back to this page use 'Back' arrow on your browser.
Note 2: To view my ancestor tree, click on 'Dewey' and then 'Terence Michael'.
b) America button: Information regarding possible links between Deweys in England and in the USA.  This page considers the possible connection between Thomas Dewey (The Settler) and families in England around 1600, with supporting evidence.  Thomas Dewey is the ancestor of a number of famous Americans, including: Admiral George Dewey (b1837); Melvil Dewey (b1851) inventor of the 'Dewey Decimal Classification' system for books; and Thomas E Dewey (b1902) who famously lost to Harry S Truman in the 1948 presidential election, despite being considered as 'certain' to win.
c) Services button: The involvement of my family members within the armed services and the emergency services.


The approach adopted has been to try to identify throughout whether the information presented is:
  a) 'highly probable': supported by a number of interrelated factual items of evidence, typically official records.
  b) 'probable': supported by fewer factual items with less definitive links.  For example, baptism and burial records for the same name, at the same location, with no other records of the same or similar name would be considered as 'probably' refering to the same person.
  c) 'possible': one or two factual items, but where the name involved is quite common, there is a difference in spelling, or there is a separation of location.

About Me

I am Terry Dewey, my heritage is shown via the Family Tree page.  I live in the county of Dorset, England and with help, I have traced my roots back to 1695 in the county of Wiltshire, which is just north of Dorset.  My Grandfather was born at the 'New Inn' in Warminster, Wiltshire (see 'Images' button).  In Warminster there is a 'Dewey House', as well as a 'Dewey Museum' (part of the library).

I have often wondered about any possible link to Thomas Dewey, The Settler and have carried out some research.  I lived in the county of Kent for several years, not far from the town of Sandwich, so I know the area reasonably well.  My search for Dewey (Duee/ Dewye/ Dewy) connections in and around Sandwich came up with nothing of any relevance. 

However, research I have carried out relating to Dorset has led me to conclude that Thomas Dewey The Settler was probably born at Hinton Martell, Dorset in 1606, and who his mother and father were.  The evidence chain on which I base my conclusion can be found via the 'America' button.


Where information has come from other sources, they are identified as appropriate.  I have had a lot of help with my research and I would like to thank all of the people who assisted me.

The images on this website are from Wikipedia, their usage is under 'Wikimedia Commons' licensing.  For further details please see their 'Reuse Guide'.

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