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This website provides information specific to my own family history and also information regarding links between Deweys in England and in the USA, via the above menu tabs:-

  a) Family Tree tab
My Grandfather was born at the 'New Inn' in Warminster, Wiltshire, see photos under Images tab.  In Warminster there is a 'Dewey House', as well as a 'Dewey Museum' (part of the library).
My tree only shows events for which I hold formal evidence, mainly copies of Birth, Marriage and Death certificates, going back to George Dewey (b1797). Other Dewey Family researchers, with whom I share a common ancestor (Robert Dewey b1694), have carried out research going back much further. This research shows that my 3*great grandfather George Dewey (b1797) was the great grandson of Robert Dewey (b1694). In addition, Gale Family History research [13_10_22_Dewey.pdf], states:- "I am fairly happy that I am connected to the Robert Dewey who married Abigail Nubury (1659-1718). Their son, Robert Dewey (1694-1780) married Sarah Blewden (1693 - 1776). Robert and Sarah then had a son called George (1734 - 1806). Prior to Robert and Abigail Dewey, the links are tenuous. A possible ancestor, Robert Dewe, is reported as born in Idmiston in 1523. He is said to have died in Idmiston in August 1583/4."

 b) America tab:   This page presents my theory (with extensive supporting evidence) as to the English roots of the individual who came to be known as Thomas Dewey The Settler, as he is referred to in American family history.   Thomas Dewey The Settler is the ancestor of a number of famous Americans, including: Admiral George Dewey (b1837); Melvil Dewey (b1851) inventor of the 'Dewey Decimal Classification' system for books; and Thomas E Dewey (b1902) who famously lost to Harry S Truman in the 1948 presidential election, despite being considered as 'certain' to win.

Many years ago I had read from a number of sources that Thomas Dewey The Settler 'came from' Sandwich in Kent. I lived in the county of Kent for several years, not far from the town of Sandwich, so I know the area reasonably well. My search for Dewey (Duee/ Dewye/ Dewy) connections in and around Sandwich came up with absolutely nothing of any relevance. The trail seemed to have run cold. However, some years later, I came across an old sea chart which showed that the town of Swanage in Dorset was known as Sandwich in the 1600s. It is far more likely that Thomas Dewey The Settler came from Dorset in the west of England rather than Kent in the east. My research switched to Dorset and as they say, the rest is history.

My concluding theory is presented here as a 'structured argument' to identify Thomas Dewey The Settler's roots in England, with a high level of confidence. The approach adopted is:-
  i) the criteria for the evidence that should be covered is defined
  ii) against each of those criterion, separate and independent items of corroborative evidence, with references, are presented
  iii) a statistical analysis of the confidence in the conclusion is presented.

My conclusion is that:- Thomas Dewey The Settler was born in 1606 at Hinton Martell, Dorset, his father was Thomas (died 1636), his mother was Mary Moore (born 1586, died 1637), his grandfather was Thomas Moore (died 1645) and his uncle was John Moore (born 1607, died 1677).

 c) Services tab: The involvement of members of my near family within the armed services and the emergency services (still under development).


Where information has come from other sources, they are identified as appropriate.  I have had a lot of help with my research and I would like to thank all of the people who assisted me.

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